Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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Artglass in Seattle – maybe it’s the water!


This couple make “To die for” glass. Just gaze at a few of their pieces for a restful sigh.

You want your latte HOW?


You thought I had too much time on my hands.

Is there a glass heaven?


Sam Stang of Augusta, MO. The one you want is $1400. I know – I checked it out at Kittrell Riffkind.

Art glass hell – you’ll never be able to decide


Does Bill Gates go shopping? Does he think about the price? Remember the scene from Citizen Kane?

This wasn’t the easiest to navigate but I’ll give you a hint – click on artists at the top & then use the orange wedges.

Everyone wants to know how to do this


Visual tutorial on knitting with 2 circular needles. Next is 4 level chess set.

Modern real estate from today & the 50s


Just in case you were lazy when you looked at the prototype car photos & didn’t search the site further – I’ve made it easy for you. To know me well is to know that I will trip off a curb if walking, drive off a road & thank heavens I can’t fly because modernism, in any form, blows my mind. This guy has some quality photos of real estate for sale. I love bathrooms – really different bathrooms. If you see any photos on line of dramatic – futuristic, modernistic, jaw dropping bathrooms – send them to me.

Not Just Mud’s! – a gallery of glass in Portsmouth, NH


Wonderful photos – bet I can spend a million dollars before you can! 100 glass artists featured. Can you tell I worship at the throne of glass? I hope to have some photos of my own collection on here one of these months. Can you say Tiffany, Murano, Kosta Boda, Steuben, Blenko, Imperial Glass etc?

That reminds me of an Astrological story. I knew a person who didn’t like to look at beautiful things – it’s remark was, “I don’t want to look at anything I know I can’t afford.” Hmmm – keep your Taurus eyes shut much?

Just another mind melting visual of glass, lighting, vases


Vetro Art Glass of Grapevine, TX (Who would have thunk it?) You can just land at Dallas/Ft/ Worth airport & walk over yonder to Grapevine & Grapevine Lake.

If you didn’t think beauty could come out of the back woods in Arkansas – check this out!


Ed has a cute small site – a neat video on the first page shows him making glass but don’t forget to click those tabs at the top to see the wonders made by this man. Drool! Drool! Don’t ask ME the prices.

Eye candy was never so good


Check out the optical sculptures of glass. You can look – just don’t touch.