Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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About time – The Cynic Hall of Fame


Hypochondriac’s heaven


All you need to know about Murphy’s law


I knew there were quite a few examples of Murphy’s Law but I didn’t know there were categories for occupations.

A place that reviews all that is new & efficient as in ecology


I like this place because all my Virgo friends will want this stuff but they can’t afford it. Now, how efficient is that?

This will make your eyes water from laughing


One of my favorite pastimes is going to & in the book section – read reviews by amateurs. Some are very good – some are hilariously bad. At this site of the day a guy takes some of the 100 top rated books of the last century & then shows the Amazon novice reviews where books were given 1 star. Gone With The Wind getting 1 star? My daughter will freak out & track down the reviewer. I don’t blame her – the book deserves at least a 2 but I wouldn’t tell the public that. After you’ve downed this – try one of The Morning News’ other bits. Great stuff!

Rate my kitten favorites


I love the kitten on the tiger.

This is a lot of fun for at least 90 seconds


Pick a top & a bottom for your guy/gal/it.

I told you I like bathrooms


I love these toilets & vanities & the TOILETS! What do you think shipping is from Australia?