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Freebies, coupons, and more


I don’t recommend coupon or freebie sites very often but this is one you should go to & sign up for the daily freebie notice. You can ignore most of the “Win this” entries but just clicking on 3 or 4 of the real freebies per month can really add up to some good chunk change during the year. Whenever October rolls around I always check at Mary’s for free calendar offers. This year brought in some beauties including one from Coca Cola that is worth saving after the year ends. Mary lives in AR & she gives weather reports that will gain your sympathy or earn your envy. Her daily recipes are wonderful also. Mary & her family take in stray & abused dogs & the photos of her hard work with them are worth seeing. She generally has the first news out on freebies that may be limited so sign up for free & read your e-mail from her whenever you get the chance & click your way to free samples & t-shirts, perfume, cosmetics, etc.