Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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I guess he likes pancakes


Great video, great song – pancakes with Nutella – you have to love this guy!

What Your Name Means


Online numerology reading.

How are you feeling?


All right, so it doesn’t take into account the people who don’t blog & those who don’t use the word ‘feel’ in their blog or the millions of people on Earth who don’t talk about their feelings but it does have a huge amount of data for those who want to visually check out the feelings of others in different countries under changing weather & other external conditions. It’s pretty also & would charm a 2 year old.

Architecture, design, decorating


This site should keep you busy for years on end. Design spotter has a nice list of areas of new designs that you select. Then you can gaze at all the new designs for everything from flooring to ceilings, modular furniture like you’ve never seen before, a cuckoo clock with a real cuckoo (it died of natural causes) & jelly tiles. Jelly tiles – I want these also, right after the Ferrari. Gorgeous soft transparent jelly tiles with beautiful designs on them. They have adhesive on the back & you can use them wherever you want – like mirror tiles – except these can be used on the floor or walls or – I’ll bet I can’t afford even one. Oh, I forgot to mention, most of the jaw dropping beauties you see on Design Spotter are probably not affordable for most, but the site wouldn’t have intrigued me otherwise. If I want to see what I can afford I can go to any Wal-Mart. I want to see what I’m missing.

Thinking the Way Animals Do


How do you think? I didn’t see “Rainman” & I could care less about people with autism but this article fascinated me.

Beading extravaganza


Margie Deeb’s site for beading. Not only has she written some great books on beading but she knows what it takes to have a great web site. Color everywhere (I like it & that’s all that counts).

Online reflex tester


Guaranteed to entertain for 45 seconds.

Cooking by numbers?


The best part is that you tell them what you have in the refrigerator and cupboard and they’ll give you recipes!

Aquatic Glassel


Yes, it really is called Aquatic Glassel

This site intrigues me because you use glass in your fireplace. Wonderful photos & plenty of them. I want one of these too, along with the Ferrari.

A different kind of sculpture


Check out this BBC report.

Micro artist Willard Wigan’s beautiful sculptures that can only be seen under a microscope. Make sure you click on the “gallery” to see some of his other works.