Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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Everyone needs new kitchen and bath hardware!


Yummy bath & kitchen faucets, basins – enough to make the futurist happy for a long time. Is there such a word as futurist – if not I declare it so. Trendy & contemporary just don’t grasp my mind the way they used to & as for you Victorian home lovers – there is plenty for you here, just don’t point them out to me.

Buck Lewis – famed illustrator of children’s books


This is a fascinating site for all book lovers & those who like raccoons also. Very well done.

Author Elizabeth Winthrop


Very nice author’s site. Elizabeth Winthrop writes for all age groups.

Lacis for the textile arts


For those interested in handcraft tools of today & yesterday – check out their online site. Read about their lace museum while you’re there & if in San Francisco do make a special visit.

Counting the seconds


For those of you who can’t wait until Christmas.

Halloween fun


I never think about costumes but I really enjoy all the kids at Halloween. I happened on this site & was flabbergasted at all the accessories. I think I want the Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz mask with hair. This is a fun site for kids of all ages.

Time for a pop quiz!


How good at are you at distinguishing the programming language inventors from the serial killers?

Cascade Yarns


Great yarns & patterns.

The Online Magical Library


Wow – they’re all here.

I’ll bet you don’t know the history of Windsor, California


A very nice piece on the history of a California town.