Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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Living to 100 Calculator


Well – I’m only going to live to be 96 – that’s 8 years off what I figured. Try your own longevity test.

Blade Runner fans!


Welcome electric sheep to the ring of Blade Runner information.

What can I say – you all know I love bathroom gadgets & I really love this!


OXO Toilet Paper Holder – Stainless Steel

While you’re here for your morning 90 second mental lift – do look at their other gadgets for the home. I think the prices are great.

Wow – modular floors!


Nothing new there except the colors, the replacement & the ease. I did this 30 years ago & now this site will help you design & price your carpet floor with ease. They have a virtual design center. Have fun!

“Suspend Your Disbelief…”


I’d be glad to clean under all the chairs, Mom, in fact I’ll do it every day. In my next kitchen…..