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Latte Art


I recently received an email with some examples of what is apparently called “latte art” attributed to an unamed restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Here are a few of them (click the thumbnails for larger version):

While I am barely a coffee drinker, much more a latte drinker, this was all new to me and after a little digging, I discovered that decoration of cups of latte by artistically swirling the milk dates back at least to the 50’s in Italy and is popular around the world. Unsurprisingly, it has come to full flower on the coffee crazed west coast of North America, particularly Vancouver. There are even competitions to crown the most decorative baristas in which the Vancouver folks do very well and you have superstar Vancouver baristas getting gigs in Italian restaurants in New York. It must make it hard to actually drink the coffee!

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I basically did the same a you (displayed pics), my space allows me to see where the inquires are coming from. Originally there was a google that included a place called Gear Dairy. When I tried to access the site I got not available syntax screen. I have had so many hits on this that I decided to re-research it and now there is no listing for Gear Dairy?????
Peace, Love, Hippie Stuff, & Coffee,
Wayward Bill

[...] I Want to Drink Latte Art *.* Yesterday I was reading in the school book store, and in one of the books, there was a reference to latte art.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I hadn’t really heard of it before, so I decided to look it up.  To do it, you basically make the latte and use milk, chocolate syrup, a tool, etc…  to make designs in the coffee.  Some are really pretty!  I  posted some photos of it, and just as a disclaimer, I didn’t make any of them, and you can get to the site I found it by clicking on the photo. Star and Moon Latte Monster Latte Solar Latte Dragon Latte The Popular "Rosetta" Latte Hearts Latte Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Look what I can do…la la land1st INT – Murder by Art, chapters 1-3 [...]