Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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The Art of Cao Yong


Visit the Web site of artist Cao Yong to see more of his art and read his incredible story.

Latte Art


I recently received an email with some examples of what is apparently called “latte art” attributed to an unamed restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Here are a few of them (click the thumbnails for larger version):

While I am barely a coffee drinker, much more a latte drinker, this was all new to me and after a little digging, I discovered that decoration of cups of latte by artistically swirling the milk dates back at least to the 50’s in Italy and is popular around the world. Unsurprisingly, it has come to full flower on the coffee crazed west coast of North America, particularly Vancouver. There are even competitions to crown the most decorative baristas in which the Vancouver folks do very well and you have superstar Vancouver baristas getting gigs in Italian restaurants in New York. It must make it hard to actually drink the coffee!

Navajo designs redone for the century


Aside from the beautiful recreation of Navajo designs, the history of this tribe’s weaving is very interesting. I always thought Spiderman & Spiderwoman were comicbook heroes. Not so!

For the person who has everything


Buy art made from DNA of your pet or husband or whomever.

Easy art


Buck Lewis – famed illustrator of children’s books


This is a fascinating site for all book lovers & those who like raccoons also. Very well done.

When cloning goes wrong


A different kind of sculpture


Check out this BBC report.

Micro artist Willard Wigan’s beautiful sculptures that can only be seen under a microscope. Make sure you click on the “gallery” to see some of his other works.

Wonderful site


Love his artwork – Ryan Terry.

Try this one for your own original portrait.

Drawing lessons


I don’t have my friend Beth around anymore to show me how to draw rocks in streams or a salad or other things one might have to illustrate to communicate with someone but this site will help. I particularly liked the steps in drawing a bee and trees in woods. I can’t draw but I can think & I often want to draw just something small to feed my artistic thirst. This is a great place for me & for those of you lucky enough to understand the mechanics of building a picture – this should be right up your alley.