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Find rare and out-of-print books at Biblio

A nice place to start the morning


The Online Magical Library


Wow – they’re all here.

Very informative astrology site


Jonathan Cainer’s astrology site


Jon is from Great Britain & always has some interesting comments to make on current astrology.

The first and best astrology site on the Web


All of them will have charts & readings for sale but I only recommend those that have very interesting articles to peruse or will help you to understand astrology. I’ve been an astrologer for 37 years but even I tend to forget things & all these sites that I list are like having a great book at your fingertips.

Fair astrology site


Information can be gleaned but I’m hoping it will be rewritten one of these days. That said – sites I recommend are a far cut above the average astrology site.

Great astrology site


Excellent articles. I go here for the Feng Shui tip of the day, if nothing else.

The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus


Interesting read if you are on the path. Jesus & reincarnation. If you aren’t there yet – it won’t hurt. Knowledge can’t harm – misuse of it can.

Another wonderful astrology site


Don’t miss the cat & dog astrology sun sign descriptions, unless you don’t like animals & then you had better have your chart done.

“The Largest Astrology Site on the Internet”


Meet Michael & the purportedly largest astrology site on the Web. Have fun.