Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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eBay Craft Store Widget


You don’t need to buy anything to enjoy this eBay store widget for Bobby’s Curiosity Shoppe which has the largest selection of needlework craft patterns on eBay, specializing in cross stitch, plastic canvas, crochet, and knitting plus things I had not seen in years like macrame. Mouse around and click to enjoy the show.

Navajo designs redone for the century


Aside from the beautiful recreation of Navajo designs, the history of this tribe’s weaving is very interesting. I always thought Spiderman & Spiderwoman were comicbook heroes. Not so!

Buttons, buttons, who’s got the buttons?


The Button Queen of course!

Visit to buy or just look. The varied types of lowly buttons may surprise you.

Lacis for the textile arts


For those interested in handcraft tools of today & yesterday – check out their online site. Read about their lace museum while you’re there & if in San Francisco do make a special visit.

Cascade Yarns


Great yarns & patterns.

Knitting and crochet patterns


Sign up for the free pattern of the month.

Free crochet patterns


Nice free crochet patterns that are different.

Online handmade crafts shopping


For those who like crafts of any kind. Buy & sell hand made crafts – furniture.

Beading extravaganza


Margie Deeb’s site for beading. Not only has she written some great books on beading but she knows what it takes to have a great web site. Color everywhere (I like it & that’s all that counts).

How to decorate your Christmas tree for cats