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The World of Flip-Top Containers


For both nostalgia and collecting fun, drop by The DeGrafft-Phillips Flip-Top Container Collection website. The story of its creation will amuse and if your vintage is similar to mine, you’ll scan the photos of flip-top restaurant and soda fountain containers seeing which ones look familiar. As for collectors, well, it will fuel your addiction.

This is the kind of washing machine I’d like!


How about a washing machine that looks like a Stargate for your laundry?

Well, If you can’t ship the laundry to some alien locale, how about a washing machine that is actually a black monolith that will summon some super powerful extraterrestrials to help with the wash?

More seriously, this beauty was designed by Simona Iuculano and Ye Xiao Dong and won the Lavatrice Cinese Made In Milan design competition. There are more details (and other designs) in Iuculano’s portfolio.

Hat tip: Yanko Design which regularly reports on the latest and greatest in design.

Super window treatments


I’ll just have one of those Sun Star see through windows by my Jacuzzi with the $5000 curtains please.

Time to drool over some classy furniture from Roche-Bobois


Wow – modular floors!


Nothing new there except the colors, the replacement & the ease. I did this 30 years ago & now this site will help you design & price your carpet floor with ease. They have a virtual design center. Have fun!

Everyone needs new kitchen and bath hardware!


Yummy bath & kitchen faucets, basins – enough to make the futurist happy for a long time. Is there such a word as futurist – if not I declare it so. Trendy & contemporary just don’t grasp my mind the way they used to & as for you Victorian home lovers – there is plenty for you here, just don’t point them out to me.

Architecture, design, decorating


This site should keep you busy for years on end. Design spotter has a nice list of areas of new designs that you select. Then you can gaze at all the new designs for everything from flooring to ceilings, modular furniture like you’ve never seen before, a cuckoo clock with a real cuckoo (it died of natural causes) & jelly tiles. Jelly tiles – I want these also, right after the Ferrari. Gorgeous soft transparent jelly tiles with beautiful designs on them. They have adhesive on the back & you can use them wherever you want – like mirror tiles – except these can be used on the floor or walls or – I’ll bet I can’t afford even one. Oh, I forgot to mention, most of the jaw dropping beauties you see on Design Spotter are probably not affordable for most, but the site wouldn’t have intrigued me otherwise. If I want to see what I can afford I can go to any Wal-Mart. I want to see what I’m missing.