Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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Penny postcards bring back yesteryear


USGenWeb has put together a collection of penny postcards from all across the United States organized by state and county. These are from the grand heyday of such cards when the postage really was a penny and it was all the rage to send them to friends and relatives while traveling. Take a look at your favorite locale and see how things have changed! The one above is of the Bear Mountain Inn in Bear Mountain, NY which is still going strong.

So what’s in Lebanon, Ohio?


Ohio’s oldest inn! Take a virtual tour of The Golden Lamb.

Now guess where Lebanon is located in Ohio.

Time for a pop quiz!


How good at are you at distinguishing the programming language inventors from the serial killers?

I’ll bet you don’t know the history of Windsor, California


A very nice piece on the history of a California town.

Hey y’all


The Revolutionary War in South Carolina

A little history from South Carolina. Good for you.