Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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The Infinite Cat Project


Cats & more cats. Even if you love cats like I do, you may get too many here.

Do you kill or reward the cat?


Kitty Poetry


Cat haiku – very good – how true – for you!

He’s really a lot of help!


Just look how good Mr. Shadow is at filing:

It’s Bengal Kitties!


This is a cute, cuddly site that is really well done. These are Bengal cats, not related to Bengal tigers at all. See how they develop from fuzzy little kittens to mature cats with fantastic coloring. This family has a gorgeous Collie who obviously loves cats. The photos are really beautiful.

Tiny things for you


You can’t look at these photos too often – unless your an old grouch. These tiny animals are just too cute for words, other than Awwwwwwwwww!

Guidelines for cats


If your kitten isn’t old enough to read – make sure you take the time to read this to them. These are very important things for every cat/kitten to know.

How to decorate your Christmas tree for cats


Kitten on the keys


Click the picture to see the video of the little scamp.

Cat art and paintings for sale at the Cat Gallery


If you search on here you can find cat tummies.