Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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When cloning goes wrong


Let’s go to London!


A Scorpio blog from London. Nice travelogue – photos.

Elyria Apple Festival


Elyria, OH. September. Apple pie making contest. Apple festival queens. Now how American is that?

Take a photo tour


Where will be today – the Great Plains or the West Indies? Fantastic photographs.

You are almost there


360 degree panoramas of travel spots around the world. In some of them like St. Peter’s basilica, it is tough to find a tourist without a camera. If we didn’t take a camera with us, would we remember where we had been & what we saw?

Missouri Skies Photo Gallery


Fantastic – look at the February rainbow.

Wildlife photography at its best


Music composition, photography and more


Go see the photos of Charlie, the bearded Collie from when he was a puppy. This guy has great wildlife photos & scenic photos that will be your next wallpaper. Great music too! I didn’t want to mention the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

What a beautiful world!


Time lapse photography site

06.09.06 – Check out the lightning storm & other natural phenomena.