Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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eBay Craft Store Widget


You don’t need to buy anything to enjoy this eBay store widget for Bobby’s Curiosity Shoppe which has the largest selection of needlework craft patterns on eBay, specializing in cross stitch, plastic canvas, crochet, and knitting plus things I had not seen in years like macrame. Mouse around and click to enjoy the show.

The World of Flip-Top Containers


For both nostalgia and collecting fun, drop by The DeGrafft-Phillips Flip-Top Container Collection website. The story of its creation will amuse and if your vintage is similar to mine, you’ll scan the photos of flip-top restaurant and soda fountain containers seeing which ones look familiar. As for collectors, well, it will fuel your addiction.

The Art of Cao Yong


Visit the Web site of artist Cao Yong to see more of his art and read his incredible story.

How does the Magic Gopher do it?


Here’s a neat web trick: a magic gopher who mysteriously reads your mind. There’s a hint as to how he does it after the jump. (more…)

Penny postcards bring back yesteryear


USGenWeb has put together a collection of penny postcards from all across the United States organized by state and county. These are from the grand heyday of such cards when the postage really was a penny and it was all the rage to send them to friends and relatives while traveling. Take a look at your favorite locale and see how things have changed! The one above is of the Bear Mountain Inn in Bear Mountain, NY which is still going strong.

Everyone needs a 16 foot Lego aircraft carrier!


I don’t know about you, but the photos of this 16 foot Lego aircraft carrier make me want to clear some floor space and get to work! There are more photos at which specializes in photos of Lego projects.

Corkscrews and barrel rolls


The Museum of Flight in Seattle – plenty to see here – & to encourage you to visit in person.

I’m feeling hungry!


Eat well, live well – that’s all there is to it. This site gives you information on doing it all, including enjoying all those little spices that may save your life.

Super window treatments


I’ll just have one of those Sun Star see through windows by my Jacuzzi with the $5000 curtains please.

How about an eyeopener from KrazyDad?


Play any of these for 90 seconds to start your day, but at least come back to play the Spyrographer.