Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
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Penny postcards bring back yesteryear


USGenWeb has put together a collection of penny postcards from all across the United States organized by state and county. These are from the grand heyday of such cards when the postage really was a penny and it was all the rage to send them to friends and relatives while traveling. Take a look at your favorite locale and see how things have changed! The one above is of the Bear Mountain Inn in Bear Mountain, NY which is still going strong.

Corkscrews and barrel rolls


The Museum of Flight in Seattle – plenty to see here – & to encourage you to visit in person.

Sylvia Beach Hotel


A hotel for book lovers with books and no TVs, radios, or phones!

The Universal Packing List


What to pack for your trip to wherever. This is really fun.

So what’s in Lebanon, Ohio?


Ohio’s oldest inn! Take a virtual tour of The Golden Lamb.

Now guess where Lebanon is located in Ohio.

Let’s go to London!


A Scorpio blog from London. Nice travelogue – photos.

Elyria Apple Festival


Elyria, OH. September. Apple pie making contest. Apple festival queens. Now how American is that?

You are almost there


360 degree panoramas of travel spots around the world. In some of them like St. Peter’s basilica, it is tough to find a tourist without a camera. If we didn’t take a camera with us, would we remember where we had been & what we saw?

Hotels to die for!


How to spend $5000 a night for a grand hotel visit


Pour a glass of wine, pull up your ottoman & drool over the photos of these luxury hotels.