Skyline of Richmond, Virginia
Find rare and out-of-print books at Biblio

Super window treatments


I’ll just have one of those Sun Star see through windows by my Jacuzzi with the $5000 curtains please.

How about an eyeopener from KrazyDad?


Play any of these for 90 seconds to start your day, but at least come back to play the Spyrographer.

Time to drool over some classy furniture from Roche-Bobois


Living to 100 Calculator


Well – I’m only going to live to be 96 – that’s 8 years off what I figured. Try your own longevity test.

Blade Runner fans!


Welcome electric sheep to the ring of Blade Runner information.

What can I say – you all know I love bathroom gadgets & I really love this!


OXO Toilet Paper Holder – Stainless Steel

While you’re here for your morning 90 second mental lift – do look at their other gadgets for the home. I think the prices are great.

Wow – modular floors!


Nothing new there except the colors, the replacement & the ease. I did this 30 years ago & now this site will help you design & price your carpet floor with ease. They have a virtual design center. Have fun!

“Suspend Your Disbelief…”


I’d be glad to clean under all the chairs, Mom, in fact I’ll do it every day. In my next kitchen…..

Sylvia Beach Hotel


A hotel for book lovers with books and no TVs, radios, or phones!

Navajo designs redone for the century


Aside from the beautiful recreation of Navajo designs, the history of this tribe’s weaving is very interesting. I always thought Spiderman & Spiderwoman were comicbook heroes. Not so!